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Cooking Light Votes Drew's Classic Italian Dressing "Best Italian"

Drew’s, a leading manufacturer of All-Natural and Organic dressings, salsas and quick marinades, tied for the honor of “Best Italian Dressing” from Cooking Light Magazine in the April 2012 Issue.

A panel from the popular magazine blindly sampled five bottled Italian Dressings:  each with less than 300mg of sodium.  Phoebe Wu of Cooking Light states, “Watch for sodium.  We kept our contenders to 300mg or less, but many bottled dressings came in between 300 and 600mg.”  Drew’s Classic Italian proudly boasts only 216mg of sodium per serving.

Staff at Cooking Light described Drew’s Classic Italian as, “Neutral with faint hints of garlic and herbs, this dressing tastes closer to homemade than bottled.  The vinegar is fairly mellow, making this a good choice for delicately flavored greens.”

Drew’s entire line of All-Natural dressings, including the award winning Classic Italian, can also be used as quick marinades and would enhance any meal.  Names and locations of retailers who carry Drew’s products are available at Drew’s website:  www.chefdrew.com.  As always, consumer feedback and inquiries are welcome via email addressed to:  info@chefdrew.com.