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Organic Pineapple Salsa

Organic Quinoa

Drew's Introduces 2 New Organic Salsas

Drew’s proudly introduces its new Organic Pineapple and Organic Quinoa, Flax & Chia Salsas. 

Made in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont, these thick and chunky organic salsas have a medium heat level and the addition of some non-traditional, but very flavorful ingredients.  The healthy seeds in Drew’s Organic Quinoa, Flax & Chia Salsa lend a light nutty flavor and an appealing dimension to the texture of the salsa.  The Organic Pineapple Salsa provides a sweet and fruity twist to the traditional product on the market.  With plans to reach store shelves this fall, these two new salsas are guaranteed to be a slam dunk!

Drew’s is excited to be sharing these new salsas with those attending the 2013 Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland from September 26th – 28th and will be found in booth number 1610 at the convention. 

Drew’s is a leading manufacturer of all-natural and organic dressings, quick marinades and salsas.  From its roots in the home kitchen in 1995 to its current state-of-the-art production facility in Chester, Vermont, Drew’s has created a diverse selection of products to meet the needs of home cooks everywhere.   You can find Drew’s Organic Salsas at stores nationwide.  The target retail price for a 12 ounce jar is $3.99. 

Names and locations of retailers who carry Drew’s products are available at Drew’s website:  www.chefdrew.com.  As always, consumer feedback and inquiries are welcome via email addressed to:  info@chefdrew.com.  Also, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/DrewsLLCVT.